An Easter Feast to Remember

An Easter Feast to Remember

Easter. A celebration of rebirth and the miracle of new life. Spring is in the air, the earth is waking up, and people far and wide are ready to celebrate. For some of us, that means a beautiful, gluten-free feast. This year I decided to host the family at my house for a fancy Easter brunch. I pulled out the china, picked flowers from the garden, and told my sisters and mother to bring their Easter best! We hope you will gain inspiration by taking a look at our Easter brunch menu.

Honey Baked Ham

Truth be told, I still have to build up the confidence to bake my own ham. We didn’t grow up in a house where pork was on the menu (beyond occasional bacon) and so I am not familiar with it. This year it seemed like the right choice for Easter, so I broke down and bought a honey baked ham. *sigh*. Maybe next year I’ll delve into the world of pork preparation. Here is where I got the ham.

Sun-dried Tomato Quiche

This has come to be my go-to egg dish recipe, and it’s lovely appearance added to the fancy and festive ambiance of the table. A paleo fav, this dish works for everyone (well for the gluten-free and dairy-free crowd). The recipe calls for pancetta, but upon review of the menu I realized that our celebration was going to be quite pork-heavy, so I substituted the pancetta with minced garlic and mushrooms. Delightful! Here is the recipe for the quiche.

Bacon Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a family-wide passion at our house, and the person tasked with making them is always chided for not having made more. This recipe involves the use of bacon in the filling as well as for a garnish, and since I didn’t use pancetta in the quiche it went towards the eggs. Turns out pancetta is a delicious bacon substitute! Here is the recipe.


Mini Spinach Quiches in Crispy Prosciutto Cups

Here is the recipe.


Here is the recipe.

Apple Chutney

Here is the recipe.

Lemon Strawberry Cake

This gluten and dairy free recipe was adapted from The Cake Doctor Bakes Gluten Free by Anne Byrn. Here is the recipe.

Strawberry Muffins

This recipe is dairy and gluten free, and can be found here.


Lemon Garlic Asparagus

Timeless classic.

Fruit Salad with Edible Flowers

Another timeless classic.

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